Tenant Rights and Responsibilities



• Tenants have a right to fair treatment (for example, if a landlord allows or does something for another tenant, but doesn't allow you to do or have the same thing, or discriminates against you).

• Tenants have the right to peaceful use of and enjoyment of the rental premises (for example, you have a right for your apartment complex to be quiet after 10PM so you can sleep, or to not have criminal elements frequent the premises).

•  Tenants have the right to live in a habitable residence (for example, you have the right to have utilities that are in working order regardless of who is responsible for paying for them, a roof that doesn't leak, broken windows that are fixed in a timely manner). NOTE: There is no requirement in Florida for landlords to provide working air conditioning or hot water. Landlords cannot shut off your electric or water utilities, even if they are the one paying for them, while you are living in the premises.


• Tenants are responsible for maintaining the property (for example, tenants should not cause damage that is not normal wear and tear, and tenants should report any maintenance issues in a timely manner so damage doesn't get worse).

• Tenants must not disturb the neighbors or bring criminal elements onto their property.

• Tenants must pay rent in full on time.

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