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Electronically certified court records and official records are now available from the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court & Comptroller. Using a service called Clerk eCertify, the Clerk is able to provide its customers with self-validating, tamper evident, electronically certified records online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Download the Clerk eCertify user guide for more help.

NOTE: Court record case types include lawsuits, evictions, criminal cases, divorce, traffic, foreclosures, etc. Official record types include documents, such as marriage certificates, property deeds, plats, notices of commencement, etc.

Order an eCertified Record

To order an electronically certified record, search for the record(s) in our online court record search or in our online official records index, then click on the Certify icon to place the record in your Clerk eCertify shopping cart. You can add as many records as you want during a session to the shopping cart. Once you are done selecting the records that you want electronically certified, click on the Shopping Cart icon, and you will be able to view your Clerk eCertify shopping cart (which opens in an external popup window), see the prices** for each certified record, and view the sub-total. When you are ready to pay for the certified records, you will be taken to the credit card payment processor (a different external popup window) to securely enter your credit card information and complete your payment. Upon completion of the payment transaction, you will be taken back to a Clerk eCertify payment and order confirmation page. You will receive two emails; the first email is the payment confirmation from the payment processor and the second email contains the download link(s) to the electronically certified document(s) from Clerk eCertify. Download the Clerk eCertify User Guide for step-by-step instructions.


The eCertify vendor collects $6 for each document you request electronically certified as their fee; the Clerk collects the statutory fee of $2 per document plus $1 for each page in the document. There is no option to purchase specific pages in a multiple page document using e-Certify; all e-Certify purchases are for every page in the event document and are charged accordingly. Individual page purchases can be made in person or by mail. The credit card payment processor collects an additional 3.5% of the total for their credit card processing service.

Validate an eCertified Record

If you received a Hillsborough County Clerk electronically certified record from someone, and you are wondering how to determine if it is authentic and genuinely certified by the Clerk, you can easily validate its authenticity. Each certified document PDF will have a cover sheet which, when opened with Adobe Reader (available free [external link]), will show an unalterable certification message. If you do not have Adobe Reader, the cover sheet also contains a clickable link in it that you can use to authenticate that it is a certified document. The QR code at the bottom of the cover page can be scanned using the QR code reader or photo scanning app on your smartphone to get the authentication message. You can watch this YouTube video [external link] on how the document verification works for additional information.

How do I request records if I am exempt from fees and costs?

If you believe you are exempt from the fees and costs assessed by the Clerk's Office, do not order records using eCertify, which charges a fee upfront; instead, request exempt court records using this form and exempt official records from