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Foreclosure Sales

Important information regarding updates (effective April 1, 2021)
Pursuant to the directives provided in the 13th Judicial Circuit Administrative Order S-2021-14 [external 3rd party link], all proposed Uniform Final Judgments of Foreclosure and proposed Orders to Reschedule Judicial Sales must be electronically filed with the court through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal. 
Plaintiffs should no longer file proposed Certificates of Sale, Certificates of Title, or Certificates of Disbursement nor pre-addressed envelopes with the Clerk. The Clerk’s Office will generate these documents and serve them upon the parties and counsel in compliance with Florida Law. These changes are in support of the court system’s desire to operate in a paperless environment.
In addition to the above changes, if the plaintiff fails to pay the Clerk's judicial sale fee in accordance with sections 45.035(1) and 45.035(3), Florida Statutes (2020), no later than 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled sale, the Clerk will cancel the judicial sale.

The Circuit Civil Department of the Clerk's Office is responsible for conducting foreclosure sales in accordance with Florida Statute 45 [external 3rd party link].

A $70 service charge shall be assessed as costs and paid when filing for an electronic sale date, pursuant to Florida Statute 45.035(3) and Administrative Order Circuit Civil Division [external 3rd party link]. Pursuant to Administrative Order Circuit Civil Division [external 3rd party link], the most current Uniform Final Judgment form must be used. The Uniform Final Judgment of Foreclosure form [external 3rd party link] states that the Clerk will not issue the Certificate of Title if the electronic sales fee is not paid. 

The $70 service charge established pursuant to Florida Statute 45.035(1) [external 3rd party link] will continue to be assessed and paid for by the plaintiff on the day of the judicial sale. Failure to pay any judicial sale fee by 8:00 AM on the day of the sale will result in the cancellation of the schedule sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I research foreclosure sales cases online?

Yes, you can research foreclosure sales cases online using our RealAuction application which provides online auction sales information. 

If you require legal advice or need additional information, you may want to consult an attorney licensed in the state of Florida or some other qualified source (such as a title company or law library).



What is a Notice of Sale?

Pursuant to Administrative Order Circuit Civil Division [external link], it is the plaintiff’s or plaintiff’s counsel’s responsibility to provide the completed Notice of Sale to the newspaper for legal publication. Each notice must be prepared in accordance with sale requirements in section 2 of Florida Statute 45.031. The original Notice of Sale and Proof of Publication must be filed with the Clerk's Office at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled sale date.

When and where are sales held?

Sales are held every weekday, Monday through Friday at 10:00 a.m. online at Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts Foreclosure Sales. Representatives for the plaintiff must pay for the $70.00 sale fee no later than 8:00 am on the scheduled day of sale through the online sales site. A list of the properties scheduled for sale is available online at Hillsborough County Clerk of Courts Foreclosure Sales. Any interested party is responsible for doing their own research in connection with the property or hiring someone to perform the research. Sales are advertised in local legal newspapers in their classified sections under "Notices of Sale." You are encouraged to visit the online sales site prior to bidding on a property to become familiar with the requirements.

NOTE: MAC PC Users: RealAuction only supports the two most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Therefore, it is recommended that to ensure full functionality of this site, MAC users should download and install the free Firefox Browser, version 16.0.1 or later for the MAC operating system. For more information and to download this free software, click here.

How can I determine if there are outstanding liens or encumbrances existing against the property?

Any persons interested in purchasing property during a foreclosure sale are encouraged to thoroughly review the court files and/or official records of the Clerk's Office to determine if there are any outstanding liens or encumbrances existing against the property in question, other than the foreclosing lien. The Clerk's Office cannot determine whether a lien will survive the foreclosure sale. All court files scheduled for a Clerk's foreclosure sale are maintained at the Edgecomb Courthouse in Room 101.

How can I bid on a property being sold at a foreclosure sale?

All bidders other than the Plaintiff (person holding the Judgment) must have funds deposited through the online sales site or in person to the Clerk in cash or cashier's check, a good faith deposit of 5% of the final bid. The Clerk will not accept any other method of payment. The cashier's check must be made payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court". 

What do I have to do if I am the winning bidder?

The balance due, fees for documentary stamps taxes, and court registry fees must be paid by 12:00 p.m. the next business day through the online sales site or in person with cash or cashier's check. If the winning bidder does not pay within the prescribed period, the good faith deposit will be forfeited pursuant to Florida Statute 45.031(2). The sale will be re-advertised and sold at a later date.

The State Documentary Stamps tax rate is 70¢ per every $100 on instruments conveying an interest in real estate.

The Court Registry Fee charge is 3% of the first $500 and 1.5% on each subsequent $100.

What if I object to the sale of my property?

An objection to the sale may be filed by a party within ten (10) calendar days after the filing of the Certificate of Sale. The court will determine the validity of the objection and will direct the Clerk regarding the issuance of the Certificate of Title accordingly.

What is the Right of Redemption?

Pursuant to F.S. 45.0315 the mortgagor may redeem the property. The right of redemption ends upon the issuance of the Certificate of Sale.

What is a Certificate of Sale?

A Certificate of Sale is issued by the Clerk's Office provided all required sale proceeds are paid in full.


What is a Certificate of Title?

A Certificate of Title is issued by the Clerk's Office after ten (10) full calendar days have elapsed from the issuance of the Certificate of Sale and provided there is no other pending action relating to the subject proceeding.

What is a Certificate of Disbursement?

A Certificate of Disbursement is issued by the Clerk's Office subsequent to the Certificate of Title, if applicable.

What will cancel a judicial sale?

A sale will be cancelled by the Clerk only if the following conditions exist:

  • A Notice of Cancellation form is filed through the e-portal by the Plaintiff or their counsel no later than 8AM the day of the scheduled sale, pursuant to Administrative Order Circuit Civil Division [external 3rd party link]
  • Suggestion of Bankruptcy or copy of the date stamped bankruptcy petition has been timely filed through the e-portal
  • A written court order canceling the sale is received by the Foreclosure Clerk prior to the sale
  • Original Notice of Sale not filed with the Clerk
  • Lack of Proof of Publication of the Notice of Sale
  • The Notice of Sale was published and contained major errors
  • Order Setting Aside Final Judgment is filed
  • Failure to pay any judicial sale fee by 8:00 AM on the day of the sale

What happens if there are surplus funds?

Pursuant to F.S. 45.032 any funds remaining after the disbursements ordered by the final judgment become known as “surplus funds”. The owner of record at the time the Lis Pendens was recorded may file an “A Owner’s Claim for Mortgage Foreclosure Surplus”, if they meet the statutory requirements to claim the surplus funds.

How do I find out if there are any surplus funds available?

You can view deposits into and balances of Court Registry accounts here.

What are the fees and fines associated with this service?

See Foreclosure Fees for more information.

What are my options for obtaining customer service from the Clerk's office?

Mail:  PO Box 3360, Tampa, FL 33601-3360
Email:  Contact us
Phone:  (813) 276-8100
In person:  Downtown Tampa, Plant City. See wait times