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If you are eligible for and select the Basic Driver Improvement School (Driving or Traffic School) option, adjudication (judgment) is withheld on your traffic ticket, the cost of the traffic ticket decreases, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will not assess points against your driving record. A course completion certificate with the ticket number (not the case number) on it must be electronically filed* by the traffic school with the Hillsborough County Clerk's Office within 60 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued. Florida allows drivers to make the driving school election once within a 12-month period and no more than five times in your lifetime. 

*Effective July 1, 2019, driver improvement course providers must submit the B1 Basic Drive Improvement course completion information electronically to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles within five (5) days after the course is successfully completed. Course providers then have three (3) days to submit the information to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county where the citation is issued. It is your responsibility to ensure the school electronically submitted your certificate. School completion certificates for the 8 hour Basic Driver Improvement, Advanced Driver Improvement, DUI and DUI Level II must be submitted to our office within 60 days. Failure to ensure that the school completion certificate was submitted will result in the suspension of your driving privileges, points being assessed to your record, and assessments of additional costs. You can check online 24/7/365  to see if the Clerk received your certificate. If it is not shown as received, you must contact your school and ask them to submit it electronically.

If you hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or you were driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) at the time of the offense, you are not eligible for the driving school option. If you were cited for a driver's license, vehicle registration or proof of insurance violation for an accident, or for leaving a child under the age of 6 years unattended in a vehicle, these tickets will be ineligible for traffic school. 

Should you fail to make the traffic school election at the same time that you pay for your ticket, and later change your mind about going to traffic school, your only option with your traffic ticket will be to pay the full penalty and be assessed points, or to request a court appearance in front of a judge.

NOTE: Failure to complete traffic school and ensure that the traffic school submitted your completion certificate* to the Clerk within 60 calendar days from the date your ticket was issued may result in the suspension of your driving privileges and additional assessments.

You can only select State approved traffic schools. You are responsible for the cost of your traffic school -- this is an expense separate from your traffic ticket penalty. School costs vary, so you may want to visit the website of more than one school to compare costs.

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