Clerk Financial Reports

Due to the nature of the content, the requirement to provide accurate content, adhering to State form requirements, and an unreasonably high financial cost, the Clerk is constrained from making some reports conform with ADA compliance standards on our website. However, the Clerk’s Office is prepared to make accommodations to provide the content in a different suitable alternative format or manner upon request. If you require an accommodation to access any of these reports, please contact County Finance Director Ajay Gajjar at (813) 307-7026 or or Senior Accounting Manager Emily Lingle at (813)307-7062 or

Clerk’s Annual Financial Reports

Clerk’s Annual Budget Book – All Functions

This annual budget document is a summary of past financial and operational performance and the planned use of resources for the upcoming budget year.

FY 2021FY 2020FY 2019FY 2018, FY 2017, FY 2016FY 2015           

Unclaimed Funds

More than $240,000.00 in unclaimed funds will be forfeited unless the owners contact our office by September 1, 2022.

The amounts range from as little as $10.16 to $26,221.10. In all, $240,338.22 is awaiting the rightful owners.

The money is related to court cases and involves things such as bonds, and uncashed checks.

Please review this list to see if any of this money belongs to you.

If you believe you have an interest in these funds, please email or send a letter to PO Box 1110, attn: CCC Accounting, Tampa, FL 33601-1110. For questions or for more information call (813) 276-2029 ext 7807.

If you are seeking unclaimed funds related to a court action, you must file a motion in the case with the assigned judge to obtain a court order releasing the funds.

The deadline for filing is September 1, 2022.