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Paying for Tickets

How much time do I have to pay for my ticket and what about payment extensions?

Regardless of the due date listed on your traffic citation, the Hillsborough Clerk of Court has automatically granted you 60 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued to make your payment and complete all requirements for your ticket. Because the extension has already been given to you automatically, you cannot request an extension. If you cannot comply or pay within 60 calendar days, you need to request a court hearing.

NOTE: You have only 30 calendar days, however, to decide how you want to resolve your ticket -- you must let the Clerk's Office know before those 30 calendar days are up, or your only option will be to pay and receive points.


What are my payment options for traffic tickets?

The Clerk offers you many different ways to pay for your traffic ticket.

You can pay online 24/7/365 with a credit card* (have your traffic ticket ready)

You can pay by phone 24/7/365 with a credit card* (have your traffic ticket and Florida driver's license or identification ready) 813-276-8100

You can pay cash in person at these Amscot locations [3rd party website link] (a service fee is charged)

You can pay by mail with a personal or cashier's check or money order (include a copy of your ticket) Clerk of the Circuit Court - Traffic, PO Box 3360, Tampa FL 33601-3360

You can pay with cash, check or credit card* in person at any of our locations Monday - Friday

*NOTE: All credit card transactions are charged a 3.5% transaction fee. Security protocols require the correct credit card billing zip code. If an incorrect billing zip code is provided, the charge will not process and a temporary hold is placed on the funds by the credit card processor. Temporary holds can take up to 10 business days before the funds are released back to the cardholder. Please verify your credit card billing zip code before paying with a credit card online or by phone.) Only credit cards issued to the driver can be used to pay for a driver's ticket to prevent credit card fraud.

What might happen if I do not pay for my traffic ticket?

Failing to resolve your traffic citation may result in additional penalties and fees being assessed, points on your driver's license, the suspension of your driving privileges and, depending on the violation you were cited for, a warrant being issued for your arrest.