Juvenile Dependency

All matters relating to juveniles who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected, surrendered for the purpose of adoption, or who are persistent runaways, habitually truant or ungovernable.

Juvenile Dependency FAQs

How can I view Juvenile Dependency cases?

Juvenile records are confidential per FS 39.0132.

The following parties are authorized to receive information regarding a case. You must appear in person and with proper identification - Driver's license or State Identification card.

  • Parent of Child - as long as parental rights are still intact
  • Child
  • Attorney for parent after Notice of Appearance is filed with the Clerk
  • Counselor with Department of Children and Family Services
  • Guardian Ad Litem
  • Assistant Attorney General Attorneys

What kinds of adoption cases are filed in the Juvenile Division?

Adoption cases that are filed in the Juvenile Division are for Florida Statute Chapter 39 adoptions only. These adoptions are for children who are in custody of the State of Florida and whose parents have had their parental rights have terminated.

What are the fees and fines associated with this service?

See Juvenile Dependency Fees for more information.

What are my options for obtaining customer service from the Clerk's office?

Mail: P.O. Box 3360, Tampa, FL 33601-3360
Email: Contact us
Phone: (813) 276-8100
In person: Downtown Tampa, Plant CityBrandon. See wait timesMake appointment for Tampa location.