Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

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Landlord Rights

• Landlords have the right to re-enter their property for justifiable cause with reasonable notice (for example, to provide necessary maintenance and repairs)

• Landlords have the right to receive agreed-upon rent

• Landlords have the right to have the premises returned to them in good condition upon the termination of the lease

Landlord Responsibilities

• Landlords are required to maintain the property and to keep it in compliance with health and building codes (for example, roof repairs for leaks and extermination treatment for pests)

• Landlords are required to keep common areas clean and safe (for example, remove trash, cut grass, fix unsafe walkways)

• Landlords are required to provide functional facilities (for example, whether or not a tenant pays for electricity, the electrical system and electric meter have to be in working condition, the water pipes should not leak) -- landlords cannot turn off utilities for non-payment of rent even if the landlord pays for those utilities (NOTE: air conditioning and hot water are not a requirement for a functional facility in Florida)

Eviction Process