Operation Green Light

Thousands of Floridians live with the obstacle of a suspended driver’s license because of unpaid traffic tickets, fines and other court obligations. “Operation Green Light” is an annual event held by the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and Clerks around the state to help constituents save money and get back on the road. 

The driver’s license reinstatement event helps our community get back to work, take their kids to school and run errands. This year’s event, which falls on May 5th, 12th and 19th, takes place at the George E. Edgecomb Courthouse in Courtroom 21 in downtown Tampa. 

Our event is in high-demand and pre-registration typically fills-up as early as mid-March which speaks to the increasing need for events like Operation Green Light. We provide registration sites in English and Spanish. 

Judges review the driver's case history and determine if any court fines or fees can be reduced. Driving and court records are reviewed in advance. Qualified participants receive a notice of hearing in the mail of their scheduled time.

Last year, my Office registered 300 eligible people. This year, we are expanding our program by making an additional 150 spots open for a total of 450 spots available. Pre-registration is mandatory, and some restrictions apply.

Since 2019, Operation Green Light event has helped customers in Hillsborough County become eligible for reinstatement. We partner with the 13th Judicial Circuit, the State Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender as well as Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. A “Flow Bus” is on-site so constituents can get a driver’s license on the spot once court obligations are complete. 

Another partner, the Hillsborough County Tax Collector, is also on-site providing “fast passes” to registrants who can visit its Tax Collector offices the same day in downtown Tampa. Payments can also be made at or by calling 813-276-8100. 

"We are honored to join the Hillsborough County Clerk's Office for Operation Green Light to help citizens get their driver licenses reinstated and get back on the road. Last year was our first time partnering with the Clerk’s office on this important program, and we are happy to continue to do our part to make the program a success.  This kind of collaboration and partnership between agencies is what good government looks like,” said Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Millan.

Of course, suspension for non-payment of child support, driving under the influence, felony traffic offenses, commercial driver's licenses, and other situations disqualify a constituent. 

Good government means doing what is best for our community and for those who are eligible, Operation Green Light can be a day that helps them get their life back.