PLANT CITY SERVICE NOTICE: The Clerk's office located in Plant City will be closed on Monday, March 2, 2020 due to street closures for the Plant City Strawberry Festival Parade. All other Clerk locations are open for business and are providing full services, along with many 24/7 services provided online and by phone. The Plant City location will re-open for business on March 3rd.

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Doing Business with the Clerk

If you are seeking business opportunities with the Clerk's office, please review our standard Terms and Conditions and our payment Procedure.


Bid Opportunities

New bid opportunity:

Request for Proposal RFP #03/20 – Proofpoint Internet Email Subscription Services


Does the Clerk's Office have any required terms and conditions that must be included in any contract and/or purchase?

Yes, the Clerk has adopted standard Contract Terms and Conditions that are applicable to any vendor proposal for purchases made by the Clerk.

How do I submit an invoice for payment?

You have two options for submitting an invoice to the Clerk's office.  You can mail your invoice to CCC Accounting Payables, P.O. Box 1110, Tampa, FL 33601; or you can email the invoice to our office.  If you prefer an ACH payment instead of a check, please complete and mail the Direct Deposit Form.  


How does the Clerk handle vendor disputes?

The Clerk has established a Vendor Payment Dispute Resolution Procedure, which outlines the Clerk's process for reviewing, and if necessary, disputing invoices.

How can I register to be a supplier?

You can register to become a supplier by completing and submitting the supplier registration form.  You will also need to submit a completed W9 form.  Any payments for services performed for $600 or more are reported to the IRS.