Request Court Hearing for Civil Violations


You may request a court hearing date for a traffic ticket (citation) or a parking ticket. There is no option to choose your court hearing date; you will receive a summons for the next available court hearing date. You have multiple ways to request your ticket (citation) court hearing date:

Traffic ticket court hearing dates can be scheduled:

  • Online 24/7/365
  • By Phone 24/7/365: Call our office at 813-276-8100, and have your traffic ticket, Florida driver's license or identification ready.
  • By Mail: Clerk of the Circuit Court - Traffic, PO Box 3360, Tampa FL 33601-3360.
  • In Person: requests can be made in person at any of our locations Monday - Friday (see locations to find out hours of operation).

NOTE: If you are requesting a court hearing date for a traffic ticket after the initial 60 calendar days from the date the ticket was issued has passed, late and suspended fees must be paid prior to a court hearing date being scheduled. Per Florida Statute 318.15, civil traffic infractions cannot be scheduled for a court hearing after 180 calendar days from the date that the ticket (citation) was issued.