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He liked his courthouse wedding so much, he decided to work here

by Joe Harless

Whatever else they’d been expecting, the couple had been surprised by the wedding arch.

Hector Cabrera and his fiancé Mirla had come to the Clerk’s Office to exchange vows and start a life together, and the discovery of the arch, hidden around the corner from the front desks of Official Records, had been an unexpected delight.

“I was surprised there was a place set up to take pictures,” Cabrera said. “We’ve got good memories of this place.”

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Cabrera first arrived in Virginia before moving to Tampa in 2013. When Cabrera and Mirla wanted to get married, they started looking for venues and pricing options. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on a large wedding, the couple decided on a simple courthouse ceremony. The decision turned out to be a life-changing event for Cabrera in more ways than one.

“When we got here, I saw people standing in line waiting to get married,” Cabrera said. “The couples were all smiling.”

Vows, exchanges, and pictures followed on that day in December 2016, and Cabrera went home a married man with the notion of finding a job in Official Records.

“I was looking for a job, so I started searching for an opening here,” Cabrera said. An opportunity eventually presented itself by way of an office assistant position, and Cabrera officially joined Official Records in April 2018. “This place feels like family.”

The responsibilities of Cabrera’s job include recording and certifying documents for the public record. While still new to the job, Cabrera
looks forward to one day being able to conduct marriage ceremonies, allowing him to perform a public service for others with the same
courtesy and care shown to him and his wife the day they were married.

“I haven’t been able to marry anyone yet,” Cabrera said, “but it’ll be something amazing when I do.”

If you are interested in joining Hector and the rest of the Clerk’s team, click here to view job openings.