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Felony / Circuit Criminal Department

The Felony Department of the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office is responsible for filing, processing and maintaining records for the court system related to felony offenses.  Currently, this department maintains records for 15 Circuit Criminal Court Divisions including one circuit judge who hears matters relating to violation of probation, one circuit judge who hears matters relating to drug court, and one circuit judge who hears first appearance/emergency matters.  

A felony is the most serious type of crime.  According to federal law, for an offense to be a felony it must have a possible sentence in excess of one year.  Punishment can range from incarceration in a correctional facility to the death penalty.  Examples of felony offenses include:  drug related crimes, murder, sex related crimes, armed robbery and other types of violent crime.

Additionally, the Felony Department handles cases that are appealed to the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Lakeland and the Florida Supreme Court.  This department also takes appropriate action when the Court approves a petition to seal or expunge a case file.  Click here if you need information on obtaining the necessary forms to expunge or seal a case.

Customers requiring information regarding a felony case may visit the Felony Department to view court files.  Files may be ordered prior to visiting the Felony Department by utilizing our Internet Order Form

Select one of the following links to find more information about the Felony Department:

Felony Fees
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Felony Internet Order Form
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Felony FAQs
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Felony Contact Information
Need to visit, contact, email, phone, or mail the Felony Department? You can find that information here.

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